Simplest Method to Insert a YouTube Video to WordPress Site

in WordPress

Quick Guide:

Find embed code of the video, insert it into post or page as plain html.


Detailed Guide:

I. Open the YouTube video you want to insert

II. Find the EMBED code

  1. Below the lower right corner of the video, click SHARE;
  2. On the lower right corner of the poped up box, click EMBED;

How to embed YouTube Video


3. When the Embed Video box pops up, as shown in the picture below, click COPY in the lower right corner.

Copy embed video code from youtube

II. Insert into post/page

  1. Go to the post/page you want to insert the video to;
  2. Click Text on the upper right corner of the main editing area, right next to Visual;
    (This switchs the editor to html model, you may see some html code here if you have some other contents. Don’t panic.)
  3. Paste the code you copied from the previous step to where you want to insert it to.
  4. Once you done all editing, click Publish/Update as how you normally publish post.

Insert embed code to wordpress post.

All done. Here’s an example: