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Simplest Method to Insert a YouTube Video to WordPress Site

Quick Guide: Find embed code of the video, insert it into post or page as plain html.   Detailed Guide: I. Open the YouTube video you want to insert II. Find the EMBED code Below the lower right corner of the video, click SHARE; On the lower right corner of the poped up box, click… Keep Reading

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Change Domain of WordPress Site with SSL on RHEL/CentOS

RHEL/CentOS 7 w/ EPEL, Apache 2.4 Multi vHosts, PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.6/MarinaDB 10, WordPress 4.6, LetsEncrypt/Certbot 0.9. May need modifications for configurations differ than above. 1. Change Site Address in wp-admin https://$, login with admin credentials. In Settings/General, change WordPress Address (URL), and Site Address (URL) to the new site/blog domain. 2. Change DNS Record… Keep Reading

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Fix: Apache failed to start in FreeBSD

When getting the following error message: AH00557: httpd: aprsockaddrinfo_get() failed for roc AH00558: httpd: Could not reliably determine the server’s fully qualified domain name, using Set the ‘ServerName’ directive globally to suppress this message EDIT /usr/etc/apacheXX/httpd.conf — XX is version number Change the ServerName line to ServerName you_server_name:80 Save, quit, restart apache. Keep Reading

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Turn Xcode into vim-like editor

A detailed instruction about configuring XVim to work with Xcode, such that you can use vim-like key bindings in Xcode. This article is based on Xcode 8 and XVim 52485d8. This article is an expansion/simplification based on the official install instruction, with emphasis on mistakes or problems I encountered when follow the official instruction. The… Keep Reading

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Ghost Blog Update Script

A basic sh script to update Ghost blog. This script is written for use in FreeBSD 10.x, and MAY be good for other BSDs and Mac OS X as well. It can also be used for other Unix-like system(such as Linux) with proper modification. This script assumes: 1. You use system service(rc) to manage your… Keep Reading

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Setup Ghost Blog in FreeBSD Jail, with single IP

This tutorial will guide you through setup a FreeBSD jail, install ghost blog inside it, and configure to allow the blog to share the IP address with the main system. It is written for FreeBSD 10.x, and MAY be adopted for other versions. It assumes: 1. Your firewall is PF: if you use ipfw, modifications… Keep Reading

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